Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crooked Arrows 2012 Movie Full HD Video Download Free

Crooked Arrows 2012 Movie Full HD Video Download Free online. A story centered on a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school league tournament. 

Director: Steve Rash

Writers: Brad Riddell, Todd Baird (screenplay)

Stars: Brandon Routh, Gil Birmingham and Crystal Allen


In case you aren’t familiar with the sport, it has its origins in Native American traditions. Players use sticks outfitted with netting at the end to throw a rubber ball into a net. Director Steve Rash is part Cherokee himself, and the movie will be set in an upstate New York reservation. The story centers on a guy who puts his dream of building a casino on hold in order to coach a team of misfits from the local Native American high school to take on the prep school league. Could this finally gain lacrosse some mainstream attention? Various lacrosse leagues are banking on it, since organizations like Major League Lacrosse and the National Lacrosse League are coming on board as sponsors. I don’t know, something tells me a Hollywood comedy is not the best way to introduce a sport to the masses.