Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mighty Fine 2012 Movie Full HD Video Download Free

Wstch Mighty Fine 2012 Movie Full HD Video Download Free online. I really enjoyed this movie.  It made me laugh and cry.  When you experience those two emotions in a movie, you know it's good.  I'll be honest and admit, I usually don't watch Indie movies.  But, this one changed my perspective, and I am glad I was given the opportunity to watch it.  I definitely plan on watching it again.

Director: Debbie Goodstein

Stars: Chazz Palminteri, Andie MacDowell and Jodelle Ferland


Filmmaker Debbie Goodstein-Rosenfeld (Voices From the Attic) wrote and directed this semiautobiographical drama about an emotionally abusive father whose explosive temper threatens to be his beloved family's undoing. Determined to give his family a better life than Brooklyn has to offer, apparel entrepreneur Joe Fine (Chazz Palminteri) uproots his wife Stella (Andie MacDowell) and their two daughters and relocates to New Orleans. As the family settle into their sprawling new home, Joe lavishes his loved ones with gifts he can't afford. But Joe is in complete denial about the fact that his business is faltering, and lately his anger seems to be getting the best of him. While the brunt of Joe's anger is directed at his difficult 16-year-old daughter Maddie (MacDowell's real-life daughter Rainey Qualley), his younger daughter Natalie (Jodelle Ferland), an aspiring writer, struggles for the words to express the pain her father's outbursts are causing the family -- including Holocaust survivor Stella.