Saturday, June 30, 2012

Murattu Kaalai 2012 Movie Full HD Video Free Download

Murattu Kaalai is a Tamil action film directed by K. Selva Bharathy. A remake of the same-titled 1980's Rajinikanth-Jaishankar starrer, it stars Sundar C. and Sneha in the lead roles. The film, which had been under production since 2008, released on 15th June 2012. 

Director: K. Selva Bharathy

Cast: Sundar C, Sneha, Suman, Vivekh, Sindhu Tolani


Kaalaiyan (Sundar C) is a simple person and the best Jallikattu (Bullfight) player in his village. His world revolves around his four younger brothers. The baddie is Varadharajan (Suman), a Zamindar from the neighbouring village who lives an extravagant lifestyle. His close aide is a Transgender Saroja (Vivek). Varadharajan's sister (Sindhu Tolani) falls for the macho Kaalaiyan when he wins a Jallikattu. In the meantime, Bhuvana (Sneha), on the run, after Varadharajan falls for her charm and tries to molest her, takes refuge in Kaalaiyan's house. However, Varadharajan decides to marry his sister to Kaalaiyan with an eye on his land. On the day of marriage, when Kaalaiyan comes to know that the bride wants to split the bond between the brothers, he calls off the marriage. Kaalaiyan takes a liking for Bhuvana and the inevitable happens - romance blossoms. What follows is predictable but there comes a surprise in the form of Saroja in the climax.

Story : Kaalayan's (Sundar) life revolves around his four brothers. He earns the wrath of Varadharajan (Suman), a big shot in the neighbouring village, after refusing to marry his sister. Bhuvana (Sneha), on the run from Varadharajan, seeks refuge under Kaalayan and the two fall in love. This only increases Varadharajan's fury and he begins to plot Kaalayan's downfall.

Movie Review: Imagine an alternate world in which there was never a blockbuster titled 'Murattu Kaalai' , featuring one of the iconic characters played by Superstar Rajinikanth. In such a scenario, Selva Bharathi's 'Murattu Kaalai' would be seen as a typical masala film, combining elements from every other Sundar C film in which the actor-director would play an affectionate brother ('Veerappu'), sing duets with the heroine in exotic locations ('Sandai'), spout punch dialogues in high decibels ('Thee') and bash up the villain and his henchmen, with the cinematography and the background score pummeling you into submission ('Perumal').