Monday, July 23, 2012

The Queen of Versailles 2012 Movie Full HD Video Free Download

The Queen of Versailles is a documentary film by Lauren Greenfield, showing David Siegel, owner of Westgate Resorts, and his wife and family, as they're building the biggest and most expensive single-family house in the America, and the crisis they're going through as the US economy goes down. The documentary won the U.S. Directing Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.
The Queen of Versailles full movie hd download

Director: Lauren Greenfield

Stars: Jackie Siegel, David Siegel and Virginia Nebab


The Queen of Versailles is a character-driven documentary about a billionaire family and their financial challenges in the wake of the economic crisis. With epic proportions of Shakespearean tragedy, the film follows two unique characters, whose rags-to-riches success stories reveal the innate virtues and flaws of the American Dream. The film begins with the family triumphantly constructing the biggest house in America, a 90,000 sq. ft. palace. Over the next two years, their sprawling empire, fueled by the real estate bubble and cheap money, falters due to the economic crisis. Major changes in lifestyle and character ensue within the cross-cultural household of family members and domestic staff.