Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aalaap 2012 Movie Full HD Video Free Download

Aalaap is a 2012 musical drama film and the first film directed by Manish Manikpuri. The film is set and shot in and around present day Chhattisgarh with the main protagonists being college students with a passion for music.

Aalaap full movie free hd download

Director: Manish Manikpuri

Writer: Dilip Shukla

Stars: Omkar Das Manikpuri, Ashish Patil and Pitobash


Right up, Aalaap is unabashedly a movie by debutantes - its director, cast and crew are largely first-timers. This has pluses and minuses. At its heart, Aalaap is a tense drama, portraying young college students caught in a violent political face-off. But like a guitar left out in humid air, its strings sag - and snap - at times.

Set in Chhattisgarh, Aalaap opens with a college music show rocked by Rahul (Purohit), the state's best student, an annoyingly perfect young man to whom district magistrates turn when they want some 'good influence' spread about. Rahul joins the DM's right-hand man, Bachchi bhaiyya (Raaz in a short but crackling role) to win over the state's most rebellious rockers, Subhash, Brajesh and Prashant (Pitobash, Shamim and Rajput, the last eye-catching with attitude and a braid), and put on a show. Rahul's good-boy influence spreads onto the three idiots. But the foursome's suddenly thrown into a situation where before their eyes, an army truck full of friendly jawans gets blown up, a seemingly calm doctor Bharti (Sengupta) turns out to be a Red colluder and in a town of chaos, curfew descends.